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Meet Geneviève Drummond
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Geneviève Drummond

As your partner in health, Optimal Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre is thrilled to be able to offer nutritional services to our patients.

After speaking with you one-on-one to learn more about your wellness goals, Geneviève Drummond, Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Optimal Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, aims to find the root cause of your health concerns through specialized testing and comprehensive assessments. More so, Geneviève believes in taking the necessary time with you to properly asses any imbalances or potential deficiencies.

A Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, consultations with Genevieve are typically claimable with most major health care plans.

Dive Deeper into Your Health

Geneviève may recommend one or more of the following laboratory tests available at Optimal Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center to help pinpoint your underlying health issues. These tests help us gain a better understanding about your health requirements and give us the proper information needed to develop the best course of action to attain your health goals:

  • Food Sensitivities Testing
  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • Blood testing for Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies
  • Vitamin D blood level testing
What To Expect

Whether you’re interested in implementing a healthy lifestyle change, or are met with more serious health complications, Geneviève will use her knowledge to devise a dietary plan that will not only help you feel better, but can improve your quality of life. This plan may incorporate lifestyle factors, nutritional counseling and meal planning. When an imbalance in the body is detected, medical grade supplementation and preventative medicine are often recommended to get your wellness back on track, naturally.

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