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Prevent the FLU this season!

Prevent the Flu this season!

Did you know? The flu manifests it self primarily when your immune system becomes compromised!

Remember, the majority of your immunity is located in your intestinal track. The fragile balance of living healthy bacteria is the most important factor in fighting the flu. Therefore, knowing how your immune function becomes impaired is paramount in flu prevention!

These factors contribute to a weakened immune system

1. Stress

Every wonder why you get sick after a major event that caused you stress? Midterms, holidays, job presentation or interview. Stress causes the release of a hormone called cortisol. This hormone directly depletes your immune system as well as drains your adrenal system. This can lead to chronic fatigue and comprises your ability to fight the flu.

2. Poor diet

Dairy creates excessive internal congestion by generating mucus. This can lead to annoying stuffy noses and head colds. So if you already have the flu, it’s important to lay off the dairy. A great preventative measure is to cut back on consumption. Great sources of calcium can be found in broccoli, quinoa, almonds and kale.
Sugar and processed foods deplete your immune function by shocking your cells! They undergo a sugar crash, and this can last for several hours after consumption during which time your immune-fighting cells are defenceless to bacteria. Sugar also disrupts the fragile balance of healthy intestinal flora, which is where the majority of your immunity lies.

3. Nutrient deficiencies

Vitamin D deficiency has been extensively studied in the area of immune function. In North America, we are particularly susceptible to deficiencies due to our climate. This can be seen by the influx of flu outbreaks every winter. Another important immune booster is Vitamin C. This important Vitamin not only helps protect against the flu by its immune stimulating properties, but is also extremely important in growth and repair of tissue and has anti-histamine properties addressing seasonal allergies.

4. Poor sleeping habits

Lack of sleep can not only deplete your immune system, but also increases the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Leaving you even more exhausted and unable to fight off the flu.

5. Lack of physical activity

Research indicates that moderate regular exercise can actually stimulate your immune system. When you exercise, it stimulates the production of cells that promote immunity. They circulate through the system more rapidly, and are capable of killing both viruses and bacteria. After exercising, the body returns to normal within a few hours, but a regular exercise routine appears to extend periods of immunity.

6. Central Nervous System Interference

The upper cervical nerve center is the section of your spine located at the base of your skull. This nerve center stimulates the proper functioning of your immune system. When you experience an interference of this nerve centre, a weakened immunity is possible. How do you injure this area? It can be as simple as lifting a heavy object, staring down at an iPad/cell phone or sleeping on a bad pillow leading to a subluxation of this area of your spine.

7. Antibiotics

Antibiotics kill off the good and bad bacteria in the intestine which causes a major imbalance in healthy intestinal flora. When an imbalance occurs, your gut releases inflammatory chemicals which irritates your central nervous system and leads to a depleted immune system.

What can you do to prevent the flu this season?

  1. Receive regular chiropractic care
  2. Practice stress management techniques such as yoga, reiki or qi-gong.
  3. Enhance sleeping habits by defusing Organic Lavender Essential oils before bedtime, or take melatonin to regulate sleeping patterns.
  4. Take probiotics to maintain healthy intestinal flora
  5. Maintain a regular exercise regime to enhance immune function
  6. Double up on immune boosters Vitamin C, Garlic and Vitamin D

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