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Why Needing Support Doesn't Make You a Bad Mama

-Antea Corluka, RN, Mama Coach 

I recently had a conversation with my cousin who lives in Croatia about what I do. I explained to her what The Mama Coach is and how I offer these incredible services to mamas. The fact I’m an experienced labour and delivery nurse and a mom myself really adds value. She was almost in shock and couldn’t quite grasp the concept. She just didn’t understand how women (and men alike) need these types of services. She responded to me by saying “that would never work here. You can’t tell a mother how to be a mother! That’s how it would be perceived here.”

That really struck a cord with me. Not because I am not aware of the stigma surrounding support, but because I know that it is actually so needed and most importantly wanted by women. We need to have as much support as possible during the postpartum period and beyond! I would even say that guidance is truly needed even before conception.

Motherhood is a wild ride and mamas crave support. Especially in today’s world with an abundance of technology, blogs, opinions, misinformation, and pretty pictures on social media, it’s hard to ever feel like you’re doing anything “right.” You need someone to talk it out with you, give you evidence-based and real information, and be your guiding light. I’m here to give you new perspective. In essence, you need someone to help you let your parenting style shine so you can truly enjoy your motherhood journey! Each and every moment. Savour. Pause. Take it in.

I think the ironic thing about my conversation with my cousin that day was that there actually is a similar service available to mamas in Split, Croatia. She’s a midwife and is incredibly busy. I’m just wondering why support is viewed so poorly to some, and why it’s hard for some to reach out when they need it. Support will change your world.


You know what to do

We see ourselves as vulnerable and weak when we reach out for help. Maybe we think to ourselves too often “I should be able to do this on my own. This is my baby. Only I should know what to do.”

It’s not about you not knowing what to do. You want the best for your baby and your family, and I get that. You’re not the problem, and we all struggle. You don’t need to walk this alone. As a Mama Coach I am your helping hand and an educational tool to help you reach your full potential. I know that even for myself, I needed various outlets for support with my transition into motherhood to help me think rationally and clearly about the situations that I was struggling with. It’s hard to think clearly and have a plan when you’re confused, tired, and overwhelmed with caring for a baby and life in general.

What you need to know right now is that you have a great resource in me, and someone who has your back! You deserve to know your options. I’ll make sure you’re comfortable about the plan to better sleep! Book a consult with me about your situation. I’d love to learn about you and your baby.

Enough with the negative vibes around support. You are enough and I will show you that. And you know what else? You got this mama!

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