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Anxiety...Are you suffering?

Don’t let anxiety control your life

Do you find yourself getting frustrated, panicked, overly emotional, exhausted and stressed out? Do you often over analyze situations, worry excessively about other people’s opinions and have a difficult time making simple decisions? Anxiety symptoms can be present in a variety of different forms, and can severely hinder your potential and mental well-being.

But there’s good news!! You CAN address your symptoms of anxiety… Naturally!!

Most people are unaware that stress and constant anxiety can cause the release of the “Stress Hormone” cortisol! This hormone depletes your adrenal function and can leave you feeling exhausted, out of balance and jittery. Poor adrenal function can also hurt your waist line, leading to excessive weight gain around your mid-section.

Here are a couple ways you can naturally address your symptoms!

1. Essential oils

  • Lavender essential oils can lower cortisol levels and address adrenal fatigue.
  • Peppermint essential oils also supports adrenal function, and can address symptoms of fatigue and irritability

2. Stress management techniques

  • Reiki and vibrational healing can help to relieve symptoms of anxiety by releasing energetic blockages and encouraging a state of well-being. This type of energy therapy is great for calming your mind, relaxing your muscles and allowing light energy to flow freely throughout body.
  • Guided meditation and Qi-Gong practice
  • At home anxiety relieving yoga poses, such as “child’s pose, and tree pose”. It’s important to breathe and allow your body to relax deeply into the pose.

3. Nutritional consultation

  • A full nutritional workup can address mineral and vitamin deficiencies that can exacerbate anxiety and stress symptoms.
  • Food allergies can also trigger anxiety. Therefore, allergy testing could be recommended as part of your nutritional consultation
  • Natural supplements and remedies are also integrated to help support adrenal and immune function

4. Homeopathy

  • Depending on the root cause of your anxiety symptoms, homeopathic preparations can be used to regulate hormonal function, address adrenal fatigue and help support the thyroid glands.

Schedule your appointment with our Reiki Practitioner or Registered Holistic Nutritionist today!

* Please note, this article is not intended to diagnose symptoms of mental illness. It should not preclude consulting with a mental health professional*

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