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Could You Have Progressive Arthritis?

closeup of male hands holding in painIt’s not uncommon for Dr Eric to hear every so often from his clients ” You can’t help me I have terrible arthritis”. But the fact remains that there are many people young and old who have arthritis, degeneration, and spurs in their spine.

We’ll share with you a case study of a previous client that had severe arthritis due to athletics and several car accidents. After a thorough assessment, and an individualized chiropractic plan, Dr. Periard’s client was on their way to better mobility and improved health. Their only regret was not coming in sooner for help.

What’s The Science Behind Arthritics Symptoms?

Arthritis is very common, but it is not normal. If it was, your entire body would be arthritic. Current research shows that within two weeks of an injury, the body will form permanent scar tissue, decrease the blood flow to the area and cause weakness in the spine. These complications result in the body trying to stabilize the spine by putting additional calcium in the vertebra and joints. This can also result in making the nerves more sensitive to changes in the weather. That is why you can sense a cold front or changes in the weather, better than most weather forecasters. The longer the spine has been out of place (months or even years) the more arthritis you will have. It is very similar to driving your car a long distance, but the tires are out of alignment. You could imagine how challenging it would be to get where you’re going, without any residual issues with the body and mechanisms in your vehicle.

What Does This Mean For You?

So now that you understand how you got arthritis, what can you do about it? Overtime, your body has learned to somewhat adapt to the recurrent injuries, accidents, skips and falls. But Chiropractic care helps to alleviate the challenges that arise from arthritic symptoms. Dr. Eric can keep your joints/ vertebra healthy with no stress or pressure on your nervous system. Your nervous system controls everything in your body from your head to your toes. So, any pressure or pinching on the nerves will cause dysfunctions in your body.

It’s more than just arthritis, it’s the functioning of your entire nervous system.

If The Nerves Are Not Working At 100%, You Will Not Be 100%

Dr. Henry Winsor, a medical doctor from Haverford Pennsylvania, was inspired by the chiropractic claims that there was a relationship between the shape of the spine and the health of the internal organs. Dr. Winsor dissected thirty-two cadavers while observing the alignment of the vertebra and any diseased organs in which the nerves were connected. What he discovered was, there is a direct correlation to the area of the spine with arthritis and the diseased organ, gland or tissue. That is something that we cannot ignore.

The importance of a healthy nervous system should be a major priority with you and your family, because if the nerves are not working at 100%, you will not be 100%. It has been said many times “chiropractic care will add years to your life and life to your years.”

- Dr Eric Periard D.C.

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