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Could Your Allergies Be Linked To Immune Function?


 download (1)Fall can be a time of increased common allergies such as ragweed and mold from the breakdown of leaves. Many people resort to the use and antihistamine medications for relief. Unfortunately, we have many patients who report dissatisfaction with this as, often, it stops working and they find the need to change brands.  However, there are natural strategies that can be used to combat the symptoms of allergies.

The first is to identify any food intolerances that you may have. Together with our nutritionist, we can run lab tests that identify your worse food insensitivities. Many environmental (inhaled) allergies are often due to undiagnosed food insensitivities, which deplete the immune system and leave you vulnerable to inhaled allergens.

Secondly, a thorough Chiropractic exam can identify any areas of nerve interference, which can also impact the immune system. Being the master control system, the brain and nervous system control every function of the body allowing it to self heal and self regulate. Any interference with this weakens systems and leaves them vulnerable to stresses (like environmental stresses).

Thirdly, to naturally control symptoms of allergies, phyto-sterols have been developed which are remarkably effective. Instead of pushing your body to not produce histamine (as the drugs do), these plant source sterols are immune adaptogens. This means that they both help boost immune function in cases of depleted immunity and calm down immune function in cases of over activity. First studied many years ago as a possible treatment in prostate cancer, they discovered this molecules ability to gently modulate the immune system according to its needs.


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